Nature Day

Nature Day

World Nature Conservation Day was celebrated at Islamabad Public School and college. The objective of this celebration was to increase the awareness about protecting the natural resources that the Earth is bestowed with.

It is high time that our present generation inculcates environment friendly habits to lead a green lifestyle. In order to emphasize this, activities were initiated. Students prepared posters based on the theme. The posters had methods and ways on how to conserve nature. It was followed by the oath taking by the students. Many students promised to alter their habits to help in saving the natural resources.

The difference was brought within the school itself. Our school also adopts various methods such as paper saving alternative is initiated by displaying the questions electronically, encourages the students to maintain the campus clean, the students are restricted to use plastic water bottles, utilization of sprinkles for watering the plants and above all initiatives like planting more plants and trees is carried over.

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