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An Exclusive Hifz Program

More than 90 % of the students have proven themselves in leading Institutes and Professional fields

"The best among you are those who learn Quran and teach it"

An exclusive Hifz program for students who have a passion for memorizing the Holy Quran

فرمانِ نبی محمدﷺ

حافظ قران جب جنت میں داخل ہوگا تو اس سے کہا جائے گا قران کی تلاوت کرتا جا اور درجے چڑھتا جاچناچہ وہ ہر آیت کے بدلہ میں ایک درجہ بلند ہوتا جایئگاحتی کے آخری آیت تک پہنچ جایئگاجو اسے یاد ہو گی اور وہی اسکا درجہ ہو گا

The Idea Behind


Department of Hifz at IPSC is an exclusive Hifz Program for students who have a passion for memorizing the Holy Quran. Blessed with visionary leadership and a highly dedicated team, we are determined to produce true representatives of the Ummah having the ideal qualities of practical Muslims who will be valuable for the whole mankind, Insha’Allah. Such an all-rounded personality is developed by providing moral-based education that is guided by the Qur’an and Sunnah. Furthermore, through regular tarbiyyah, it is ensured that teachers provide excellent role models for the students. We are proudly recognized as a symbol of strong academic and Islamic foundation.


Hifz Department
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IPSC provides an exclusive Hifz Program for students who have a passion for memorizing the Holy Qur’an. The Hifz program is offered at a minimum age of 8 years and maximum age of 11, with segregated sections for boys and girls. We provide a friendly learning environment and deal with students with kindness to help them meet and exceed given targets.

Hifz Course Highlights


Step into a world of faith and personal growth as we embark on the remarkable journey of Hifz classes. Whether you are a seasoned student of Islam or someone seeking to deepen your connection with Allah (SWT). Hifz classes offer an unparalleled opportunity for self-discovery and growth.


The program is targeted for completion within 3 years

Dedicated Qari's

Dedicated Qaris provide best support for the Hifz students. One to one attention and guidance to each student is ensured by the low student to teacher ratio of 10:1


Mathematics and English classes are offered to the Hifz students to keep them up-to-date with academics

Online Portals

Online School Management System allows the school to communicate with parents and allow them to stay informed about the activities and progress of their children. 

Intensive Tarbiyyah

Various supplications are memorized. Intensive Tarbiyyah sessions help the students develop good character, manners and ethics

Dastaar Bandi

A ceremony is conducted to mark the completion of Hifz. Huffaz are awarded certificates in the annual Hifz convocation ceremony (Dastaarbandi)


Our Hifz students also focus on essential areas of development including sports and communication development workshops

We effectively engage families and communities in support of students. In doing so, we identify barriers to such engagement and work to overcome them.

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We have strived to make our admission process as simple as possible to ensure that all prospective parents enjoy a stress-free application experience.

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We encourage all of our students to embrace opportunities and interests beyond their programmed school timetable. There are great variety of co and extra-curricular activities that students can take part in and which meet regularly. 

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