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The school gate will open at 0715 am. The students must attend the assembly, after which the school gate will be closed and students will not be allowed to enter the school premises.


Under normal circumstances, no student is permitted to remain absent from school or games without prior permission of the school.

Parents are required to advise the school if their child is absent by 10:00 am following by a “Note” from the parents / guardian, with medical certificate in case of sickness, and the same be sent on the day of ABSENCE or the very NEXT DAY. For the annual exam, the attendance must be 85%. The name of a pupil is liable to be STRUCK OFF the school register if he/she remains absent from the school for a WEEK without information or permission.


A parent must complete a leave request with reason and supporting documents (as applicable) via IPSC Portal 02 days prior to the intended leave date. The School may approve or reject the leave request.

In any case of infectious disease or contact with infectious disease the school must be notified immediately and the student shall not return to school until the doctors advise that there is no risk of spreading infection.


Please check the “HOMEWORK DIARY” via IPSC portal regarding the student’s homework and note any instructions. Once the homework has been completed at home, write ‘done’ and send it via IPSC portal enabling the Teacher to evaluate the homework.


All Fees must be paid in full by the Due date as specified on the Fee Challan.


  • A one-time Admission fee and Registration Fee (non-refundable) will be paid in full at the time of admission. The Tuition fee is payable on monthly basis (12 calendar months) in full for all students.
  • Examination fee is paid at the start of every semester (i.e. thrice a year).
  • Test and Science Lab charges will be paid in the month of OCTOBER for each year.
  • Promotion deposit will be payable in the month of May after promotion to the next class.


All Fees or Charges are non-refundable under any circumstances including students leaving mid-term. No refunds for any payments will be made if student is suspended on disciplinary grounds or the student is found in breach of the student code of conduct.


Fee Challans are issued latest by 1st of each month prior to the billing month and sent home through students. It is the responsibility of the parents to inquire from the school administration if they have not received the Fee Challan by the 2nd of the billing month. You are required to submit fee challan in the designated Bank latest by the 10th of every month.


Fee Challans are issued with a “DUE DATE” of 10 days. After the expiry of “DUE DATE”, the Fee challan can be deposited with the LPS collected by the bank. LPS will not be waived nor reduced in any circumstance.


Students whose fees remain payable after expiry of “DUE DATE” are issued periodic reminders and ultimately after 30 days the ‘Final’ reminder’, thereafter which the student will not be allowed to take the class. Non-payment of dues may also result in suspension of enrolment, refusal to board exam registration and / or withholding of student result report, school leaving certificate and / or any other certificates. In extreme cases as determined by the School, the student’s enrolment may be cancelled and a 50% re-admission charge shall be levied. Re-admission is subject to available seats.


  • The school reserves the right to revise and make alterations to its policies, rules and fees at any time without advance notice.
  • There will be no concession or fees waiver for the period that a child may have stayed away from school, due to illness, social commitments, visit abroad or for any other reason.
  • If the school is closed due to emergency, war, pandemic, floods, and earthquake or for any other reason on National, Provisional, District or Federal Government order for any length of time, parent / guardians shall pay the fees with regularity by 10th of each month. The salaries to the teaching staff, Faculty, administrative and staff, etc. have to be paid during the closed period.


  • All dues / fee is paid directly to the school specified branch of a local bank.
  • Parents / Guardians should keep their receipt copy safely with them.
  • In case of payment through cheque, write correct and complete details of student and amount on the backside of the cheque.
  • In case of fee payment through bank transfer (Bank to Bank Payment), It is mandatory to fill out the “Bank Transfer” form. Fee will not be considered as paid if the Bank Transfer form is not filled. This form is available at this link www.ipsc.edu.pk/bt


Any kind of damage to the Premises, Property, Fittings, Furniture and Apparatus of the school will have to be made good by the student. Parent / Guardian will be liable to pay the damages as per the student disciplinary procedure and/or as determined by the school management.


Irregular attendance, disobedience, breach of school discipline or gross misconduct on the part of the student, will make him/her liable to suspension or removal from the school. Improper actions, such as rudeness, foul language, pushing or the lack of respect for others, will be reprimanded.


Parents may meet the Principal / Coordinator on Mondays and Saturdays between 12:30 to 01:30. Parents may meet the Teachers with the permission of the Principal between 11:30 to 12:30 on 2nd and last Saturdays only. Parents / Guardians are not allowed to enter the classes in any circumstance.


A student who fails in English, Urdu and Mathematics Shall not be promoted whatever the overall percentage may be. The decision of the Principal regarding promotion and all other matter shall be absolute and final.


A SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE will be issued a week after receiving a written application. No SLC will be given unless arrears are fully paid.


The success of school depends on Parent-Teacher Co-operation. We expect full co-operation from the parents for the benefit of the students as well as the school.

On the result day, both parents must attend the PTM which is the most essential module of focusing on the student’s progress and development.

Note: Student’s result will only be handed over to the parents and guardians.


PAW will provide parents and guardians an opportunity to understand the institution’s education system and to learn about ways to support the achievement of their student’s academic goals at home. ‘PAW’ is organized before the start of first semester and participation by parents / guardians is mandatory.


Parents / Guardian are expected to see that:

  • The student must come to School in clean, neat and tidy “UNIFORM ASSIGNED BY THE SCHOOL”. Boys must get an army hair cut every 15 days.
  • The student must bring their Books, Note Books and stationery required for his / her class as per the time-table.
  • The student completes his/ her Home Work regularly and on time.
  • The student must be Punctual and must arrive at school before time.

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