Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s Grandson at IPSC

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s Grandson at IPSC

Mr. Syed Mahmood Asadullah, the great grand son of the iconic personality Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, considered a pioneer of education, having founded Aligarh University in 19th century, was our special guest at IPSC Main Campus today. We were honored with his great presence and also appreciate his continuous contributions in the field of education.

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Sir Syed Ahmad Khan's Grandson at IPSC 3

He specially emphasized on Islamic values and tarbiyah education which serves as a primary target to secure our children’s futures as practicing Muslims. The values, attitudes, and skills that our Muslim children learn today will indeed shape and form their character as future adults and community leaders late in life. He said that through the tarbiyah practices and modeling of Islamic ideals, we will be able to produce Muslims who will balance in their thinking; well-rooted Islamically well trained morally, and well prepared intellectually to secure a righteous life and be future leaders insh’Allah. The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence and character are the goal of true education.

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Mr. Syed Mahmood Asadullah with Mamoona Mushtaq (Principal IPSC Main Campus Gulshan Colony)

He motivated teachers and students to work hard for the betterment of our beloved homeland and make Pakistan proud through their academic excellence and best-known practices.

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