Farewell, Class 10th of 2024

May your memories of this school be filled with laughter, friendship, and the joy of learning.The future is bright, Go forth and chase your dreams. Remember, the best chapter of your story is yet to be written. ✨


Computer Lab at IPSC Main Campus – Eidgah

Islamabad Public School & College Main Campus (Eidgah) is thrilled to announce the arrival of a new generation of learning with the installation of upgraded desktop computers in the computer lab!?? Our revamped Computer lab is well equipped with internet facility and all relevant software. The method of education comprising of classroom theory & hands […]


TOT on Modern Approaches

Teachers Training Workshop on modern approaches conducted at IPSC MAIN CAMPUS Gulshan Colony by New Century Education Islamabad.?‍? All teachers of pre classes attended this workshop in order to equip themselves with new and modern approaches to teach various subjects. Training was helpful to outline curriculum objectives and learn improved ways to enhance creativity in […]


IPSC Jalalabad Campus is Online!

IPSC Portal Parent Workshop at IPSC Jalalabad CampusAPPLICATION for its students, parents & staff. The aim behind development of this system is to present the information and communication to our parents in a mobile-friendly, engaging and personalized way. Moving forward as fast as the world is growing seems necessary. Students will need strong technology skills […]


Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s Grandson at IPSC

Mr. Syed Mahmood Asadullah, the great grand son of the iconic personality Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, considered a pioneer of education, having founded Aligarh University in 19th century, was our special guest at IPSC Main Campus today. We were honored with his great presence and also appreciate his continuous contributions in the field of education. […]


BISE SSC Part I Results (2022 – 23)

Highest: 93% Marks Eidgah Campus (Main)


Greeting Pre Schoolers at Class Entrance

Greeting Pre Schoolers at Class Entrance At IPSC Main Campus, our teachers have introduced a fun way to greet and welcome preschoolers to the class. We believe that greeting students at the door sets a positive tone and can increase engagement and reduce disruptive behavior. Spending a few moments welcoming students promotes a sense of […]


BISE SSC Part II Results (2021 – 23)

100% ResultHighest: 96.6% Marks Eidgah Campus (Main)