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Student Code Of Conduct

Last Updated: July 17th 2023

Fostering a Positive Learning Environment


At IPSC, we are committed to providing a safe and inclusive learning environment that promotes academic excellence, personal growth, and mutual respect. Our Student Code of Conduct outlines the expectations and responsibilities of all students to ensure a positive and harmonious atmosphere within our school community. By adhering to these guidelines, students contribute to the overall well-being and success of themselves and their peers.

  1. Respect for Others:

Respect is the foundation of a healthy and supportive community. Students are expected to treat all individuals with dignity and kindness, regardless of their background, race, gender, religion, or abilities. This includes showing respect to fellow students, teachers, staff members, and visitors to the school. Bullying, harassment, discrimination, or any form of disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

  1. Academic Integrity:

Maintaining academic integrity is crucial to the learning process. Students are expected to complete their assignments and examinations honestly and independently, without engaging in plagiarism, cheating, or any form of academic dishonesty. Collaboration and teamwork are encouraged when appropriate and authorized by teachers.

  1. Attendance and Punctuality:

Regular attendance and punctuality are essential for academic success. Students are expected to attend all classes, arrive on time, and be prepared for each lesson. If a student is unable to attend school due to illness or other valid reasons, parents or guardians should notify the school in a timely manner. A minimum of 85% attendance is required to be eligible for the promotion criteria.

  1. Dress Code:

Students are required to adhere to the school’s dress code policy. This policy promotes a professional and respectful appearance, ensuring a focused learning environment. Students should dress up in proper uniform in all regular days except otherwise notified by the school or particular events. In case of events students should avoid the clothing that may be deemed inappropriate or disruptive to the process.

  1. Responsible Use of Technology:

The use of technology is an integral part of modern education. IPSC Portal Student and Parent accounts are expected to be used responsibly and for educational purposes only. Engaging in cyberbullying, hacking, vulgar or disrespectful comments, or any form of online misconduct is strictly prohibited.

  1. Safety and Security:

Creating a safe and secure environment is a shared responsibility. Students must follow all safety protocols, emergency procedures. Any threats, violence, or possession of dangerous items that may harm others will be dealt with seriously, in accordance with school policies and legal requirements.

  1. Respect for Property:

Students are expected to respect school property, including classrooms, equipment, textbooks, and facilities. Vandalism, theft, or any intentional damage to school property is strictly prohibited. Students should report any damage or concerns to a teacher or staff member promptly.

  1. Extracurricular Activities:

Participation in extracurricular activities is encouraged as it enhances personal growth and fosters a sense of community. Students involved in these activities are expected to adhere to the same standards of behavior outlined in this code of conduct.


Failure to comply with the Student Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary actions, including but not limited to verbal warnings, written warnings, detention, loss of privileges, parental involvement, or suspension. The severity of the consequences will depend on the nature and frequency of the violation.


By adhering to the Student Code of Conduct, students contribute to a positive and respectful learning environment that benefits everyone. At IPSC, we believe that fostering a culture of mutual respect, responsibility, and integrity is essential for academic success and personal growth. We appreciate the cooperation of all students in upholding these standards and creating a safe and inclusive community.

IPSC remains committed to supporting students in their educational journey and providing guidance to help them become responsible and compassionate individuals.

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