Early Years – Classes Pre 1 to Pre 3

Early Years – Classes Pre 1 to Pre 3

Junior Prep & Senior Prep

IPSC offers a rich co-curricular programme which allows students to apply what they have learned in the classroom, strengthen their skills, explore new areas of interests, develop their listening skills, learn new vocabulary, practice language skills and build self-confidence. Physical education activities cover body control (rhythm, flexibility, agility, balance, direction, speed and intensity) simple sports skills (running, jumping, throwing, catching and kicking) and basic games and exercises. Instruction encourages fitness, respect for rules, sportsmanship, safety and use and care of sports equipment. Steady encouragement of solid work habits is very much part of our daily teaching. In the Early Years we provide feedback to parents by individualized student reports and parent-teacher meetings.

  • Secured & Organized
  • Manners and Good behavior

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